Fallen Angels Series

Here’s a list of all my books, including books soon be released.


What if the person you thought you were, turned out to be someone completely different.

As the nature of Perez’s origins are slowly revealed to him, he enters a world full of danger and fear. Were not everything is as it seems. The innocent images of angels, are as far removed from the facts as can be. They are cunning, ruthless, and to be feared. Finding his world turned upside down, Perez must learn to adapt and survive.

In a war he didn’t choose to join, can he figure out what they want before it’s to late.

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Betrayal-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Who can you really trust?

With Hugo and Jabor hot on Perez’s heels, he must use all his strength and intelligence to outwit his pursuers, so he can stay one step ahead. But when secrets from the past threaten to unravel, what little trust he has bestowed on Eric and Monroe, he finds himself running out of people he can turn to for help.
With the hangman’s noose around his neck tightening by the second.

Who can he trust?

Who can he rely on, to get him out of this war he has found himself in, with his life intact.

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Broken heart, broken mind, broken body…
Being left for dead, Perez must face his greatest challenge yet.
Survival. Simple for most, but not for him.
With Monroe in danger, all seems lost,
As an unknown angel finds himself closer to victory,
A victory that Perez knows will bring about
Many twists and turnns of events that could ruin them all.
Now, it’s up to Perez, broken and shattered, to find the courage and strength to save all that he holds dear, before the takeover.

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Beaten. Humiliated. Completely alone. And on the run.
It’s time for him to save the world, but Perez just cannot trust his instincts. After all, each path he takes leads to death and destruction. While strange visions of a mysterious woman guide him, Perez can’t possibly ignore his destiny. As the Master begins gathering his forces and the sounds of war echo in the winds, Perez must act fast. Now, he needs to find a way to earn back his friends’ trust while gaining courage of his own. Can Perez save his reputation and their lives before it’s too late?

You can now pick Reflections up at all stores just click the link below.


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