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England my heart goes out to you

England my heart goes out to you. In this time of darkness, in this time of strife, I want us all to remember that we are living in the greatest time in history that there has ever been.

Seventy-five years ago the world was at war.

A hundred years ago, women were dying in child birth and didn’t have the vote.

A hundred and fifty years ago slavery had just ended.

And the time after that, death, disease, lack of modern medicine, and lack of knowledge.

All the knowledge you want, is at your fingertips. You can learn anything you want, all you have to do is go out and find the information.

No matter what the media says, remember.

This is the greatest time to be alive!

Sleepless nights



I wish that when you visited this blog, you would get more than just the ramblings of a mad man.

I wish I could give you writing advice that could improve your craft. And I could… but… it wouldn’t be as good as say listening to a Brandon Sanderson writing course on youtube. You see I have never written a bestseller, I have not made my millions in book sales, I have not gained a legion of hungry fans… yet.

So in regard to writing advice, there are a hundred better sources than me. If you’re unsure start with Brandon Sanderson on youtube, than buy everything James Scott bell writings on the matter of writing. Than throw in some Element of Style, and On writing by King and you should be well on your way.

No writing advice is not my forte.

I’m still learning the ropes and the basics myself. Don’t attach your ropes to my boat, its only a dinghy at the moment. When I am motoring on the seas of words on my speed boat I’ll let you know.

No what I can provide is a helping hand up the mountain. A strong voice to guide you along the way, and a hug and kiss if you need one. Because we all slip and slide down the mountain that we are trying to reach the summit to. I should know, I have more than enough bruises to prove it. I have more than enough scarred and harden skin that shows, no one, and I mean no one, leaves this journey unscaved.

So what is a person to do?

Get off the path and head back to where it is safe?

Honestly is that even a option now?

Sorry I’m rambling. Since I was sixteen, all I wanted to be was a reader. All I needed to be was that. Things came before it, but I never felt a calling as strongly as this. Now I’m having nights where I can feel the fear, of what if I never make it. What if I’m only a part time writer?

Better than a kick in the balls right.

I wrote a book. Well I wrote four… but… still. My dream wasn’t to be a part time author, it wasn’t to be just a hobby. It was meant to be what I am if you cut me to the core. So as I look up at the mountain that I have to climb, its a bit daunting.

What if I never make it? What if I am destined to do something that destroys my soul bit by bit.

These are the thoughts that try and give me sleepless nights.

Then I remember, if I have to struggle for rest of my life to get my words out to the world so be it. That is the burden that was placed on my shoulders and they are board enough to carry me through. If you are trying to achieve something, and you are worried about the bills, family, friends, just remember, take it one step at a time.

Look in the mirror, take a big breath in and out for a few minutes, then smile.

Breathe and smile.

Then take apart your goal one step, one day, one hour at a time. And try and fall asleep a little better, a little wiser, than you were the night before.

Until next time.

Good Morning,

Good Evening,

Good Night,



I would be lying if I said that luck didn’t have a part to play in success.  I know a lot of people don’t want to think about that, but it does.

Luck and success go hand in hand.

Lady Luck walks in a red flowing dress split at the hip. While Mr Success escorts her by the hand in his three piece suit.

Where you find one. You normally find the other.

But here’s the dirty little secret, that nobody ever tells you. The harder you work, the easier it will become to meet them.  People always ask when will they make it as a writer. When will they leave the 9-5 job. When will they be successful.

When will they this. When will they that.

Why hasn’t it happened for them yet? Why are other less talented people getting what they should be getting.

But you see, all those questions are pointless. They are a waste of breath and energy.

It will happen, when it happens.

I will say again.

It will happen, when it happens.

Just work.

Don’t worry about the rhyme or reason, just work. Because as you work you will keep busy, and the busier you are, the less likely that your mind will wander. The less likely that doubts will creep into your mind.

And you know what; before you know it, success will come knocking at your door. But you will be too busy to notice. To busy to care. Because your next project will need to be done, and you won’t have time to bask in some imaginary glow. Your head will be down at the grindstone and distractions, will simply pass you by.

Winners think of winning. Losers think of winners.

I always have to remind myself of that saying time and time again. Because like most of you, I sometimes get caught up in a jealous angst. Where I focus on what the competition is doing more than what I am doing.

That is a failing on my part, which I can’t allow to become my normal.


Winners think of winning. Losers think of winners


Hello good people.

I wanted to talk about something that has helped me become a more efficient person. And in that regard a better person.

It’s goal setting.

I have always been one of those people that never set a deadline or goal to accomplish anything. I did what I had to do and prayed and hoped for the best. Now this will get you some of the way. It will. But what ends up happening is that you have so many things going on at once, that things slip through the cracks.

You start to forget things. Newer, fresher ideas, take over old ones and before you know it you’re in a contstant wheel of motion, not getting anywhere far.

This is where goals come in.

Goals! Wonderful goals.

If you have not tried it, trust me give it a go.

If you can’t finish that novel.

Setting a deadline and goal to accomplish it will help.

Can’t seem to lose weight.

Set small goals to help you get there.

Can’t seem to save money.

Yet again, set small goals to help you get there.

Now you! As the goal setter must do two things too make sure that this shit works.

First and foremost.

You must breakdown your big overarching goals into smaller bits. Want to loose 100 pounds in 6 weeks.

Not really going to happen.

Change that goal into I want to loose a pound a week for the next 53 weeks, that is more manageable. Then just carry that goal over into the next year and mission accomplished.

Second you must write down and review your goals more than three times a week. I would say everyday. But we both know that’s not going to happen. Even I only review my goals four times a week at most.

What I will say that I do though is visualise those goals.

Just sit back during your day for 5-10 minutes and envision yourself going through what you have set out.

See yourself 100 pounds lighter.

See yourself with that finished manuscript in your hands. Feel the weight of it in your hands. Let the smell of the paper that is on print embrace you.

Say your goals out loud to yourself and reopen your eyes.

Believe that they will come true and pretty soon they will.

Until next time

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night

What have I been up to!

What have I been up to?

Well that is an interesting discussion. You may not think so, but all authors are self righteous asshole’s who think everyone should read their work. While else would you want to become a writer, than have millions of strangers praise you for the finery of your written work.



But seeing as this is a blog and you have become used to my ramblings, I may as well tell you what I have been up to.

First and foremost, I have received my latest cover for my Fallen Angels series. I will post what it looks like sometime next week or the week after.

It looks amazing!!!!

The best one yet, and I can’t thank Glendon from Street Light Graphics enough. Something weird happened regarding that cover.

I didn’t tell him what happened in the story, I didn’t give him any clues about the book. Just told him to let his imagination run wild and what he came out with was as close to perfection as you can get.

It is almost like the cover was made for the story. I know some writers see their cover first and work the story around it. But this was just done by pure luck. Nothing else, nothing more.

So that is now done and finished.

Secondly, I am going through the editors copy of the latest book in the Fallen Angels series. This may be the final one. I really don’t know how well it will turn out. Because I have done zero marketing for it, I can’t really gauge it’s success.

When I market it later this year, I will be able to tell if it is something that I want to continue writing or not.

If the demand is high for it I may do.

If it dies a horrible death then at least I tried.

It was a fun first series to sink my teeth into, to learn the basics of my craft.

What more can I ask for.

The final and last thing that I am really proud of, is that I have finished my first ever sci-fi book. It was the quickest thing I have ever written and If I am honest, was the most fun. I tried to write to market and make it as fast pace as I could. But some of me got in the book which isn’t always a bad thing.

Now I have to go back and see what I should leave in and what I should take out.

It came out at 67K. That number may go up or down, we shall see.

67K is about right for the type of genre that it is in, but right now like I said it is just a mould of clay the real process begins now.

And…..that’s about it really.

I haven’t posted on here much as all my brain and willpower, are being used to pump out more and more fiction words. So now that am taking a little break, I can give this blog some love and attention.

I say that. But theres editing to be done. Marketing to be done. Dates to be scheduled.


Guess the break will have to wait.

Till next time.

Good Morning.

Good Evening.

Good Night.




Stress all affects us in different ways. For some it prevents us from accomplishing our goals or dreams. For others, it can push us to even greater heights than where we currently are. But to a person, everyone has stress in their lives or will do at some point.

It’s how we deal with it that matters.

Being a part time writer, with everything else going on is a pain in the ass.

Getting from part time to full time is my goal. Getting there is the biggest hurdle I think, I have faced in my life. Writing for me comes easily. I know that may stick in anyones throats, that suffers with writer block, but it does. You either write what you love or don’t.

It’s as simple as that to me. Writers block comes from shame.

Shame that you’re not good enough.

Shame that people will hate your work.

Shame that you are baring your soul for people to see, and they may not even be bothered.

No writing was never hard for me, because I never gave a fuck what people think or say. When it came to writing. Because I have an ego when it came to writing. I have a chip on my shoulder to prove to everyone that I am good enough. To prove to everyone that a dyslexic kid, who couldn’t read and write till he was in his early teens, can write a good book.

It was never shame that I felt when I wrote. It was anger. Anger which I used to push me to greater lengths and greater strides, when it came to writing.

No it was never shame that stressed me out when it came to writing.

It is everything else which comes from being a self published author.


Ad Copy

Email list building

Facebook Ads (which I still have yet to do)

And the endless other bullshit that you have to deal with, when you’re running a self published author business. Now I know some self published author’s love having all that control. They love being in charge of their domain and I do to.


If When I make it big and some publishing house offers me a big contract, am talking millions and millions here. Then I may take them up on it.

I may not.

But when I dreamed of becoming a writer, doing all this other shit wasn’t in the plans. I envisioned myself sipping cocktails on a sandy beach, swinging in a hammock, typing out my next novel.

But alas, you have to dig the dirt for the ground before you lay the swimming pool.

Anyway, sorry for the rant guys. Just feeling a little stressed.

Can you tell?

Until next time.

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night



I have failed a lot in my life.


Thinking about it now, my eyes grow moist at all the failures that I have gone through and not learnt from. I am a hard headed stubborn bastard, who sometimes needs to go through a experience more than once so it sinks into his head. And I know that is a major fault of mine.

I know it’s stupid. Its something that I am trying to change.

Learning from your mistakes is important, but not making any or seeing them ahead of you so you can sidestep them is even better.

This year I have tried my upmost to stop making mistakes.

And you know what.

I failed miserably..

We are only five months in this year and the growing list of mistakes I have made keeps on growing, and growing, and growing.

But last night, I battled with myself and stopped myself from making one.


Now this isn’t going to be a speech about, motivation or achieving your goals or any of that bull. Its just one man’s thoughts on how we are all human. It’s just one man’s thoughts on the struggle it takes to change yourself.

This year my goal was and still is self-growth and change.

I accomplished a lot last year. But it was with 60% of my overall effort. Everyone else looking from the outside in, would have been amazed at what I had accomplished. But honestly. It was easy.

It was easy to write a book. It was easy to learn about this how self-publishing business. It was easy to get all my ducks in a row.

But what isn’t easy, is knowing within myself that I could have done better. I could have archived more. I could have grown more.

So as the new years starts proper, none of this January business. I have made a promise to myself that I will attack it like it owes me money.

An in a lot of ways it does.

Remember that what you do, is a lot more important than what you say.

I just have to remember that myself sometimes.

Until next time

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night16

Dreams becoming a reality




Writing for me as always been a dream.

When asked by my teachers what I wanted to do when I left school, I looked at them with a straight face and said author. The empty stare back, and the silence which followed, always makes me smile now, but it didn’t always use to be that way.

I was unsure, if this path was the right one for me. I mean, being a author, actor, musician was something that either happened in the movies or to other people. It didn’t happen to people like me right?

That was my thought process, going into this, when I was younger. Growing up a lot of us lack the confidence, discipline and wisdom to stick to a chosen path, even though it may start off bumpy to begin with. I feel for a lot of young men and women out their, that are clueless on their chosen path, or to scared to see it through and allow outside forces to guide them down a path which doesn’t resonate with their soul.

When you are young, the world looks so big and is filled of endless opportunities, with everyone from your teachers, friends, and parents telling you which path that they think is best for them. Although that may be the right path for the individual involved.

I remember having a conversation, with a work colleague years ago about his daughter, and how he wanted her to become a dentist. And when I asked what she wanted to do, or if he had spoken to her about her desires, and wants for the future, the blank stare he gave me back was comical.

I could see the hardware overheating and saying do not compute.

I have always said, that it is the people that are closest to you that will either kill you, or lead you down the wrong path. It’s because they love you, and they will allow the fear from their own lives to lead you a stray.

Wish them all the best my friends, but do not listen.

There is only one thing that you need to remember, when deciding on your chosen path. All it takes to get there is hard work and effort.

Hard work and effort.

For me to get where I want to be in my profession, I always need to be writing. Even if it’s my birthday, christmas, new years eve. I always need to be writing. So I can hone my craft and become better than I was yesterday.

Without that, then there is no dream.

You can wish it as much as you want, and read all the books like The Secret.

But unless you do the damn work, shit ain’t going to work out for you. And that is where a lot of people, get stuck. They can dream the big dreams, houses, cars, and the like, but putting the effort in getting it is something completely different. So whenever I don’t feel like writing or I slack off, I think about where I once was, to where I am not, to where I will be.

If I could lie and say, I keep on writing for my readers, and that would be partly true. But I keep doing this for me. Otherwise, I would go insane. I would go insane knowing that my best is being kept back from the world by no one else but me. I would go insane knowing, that the only reason I wasn’t showing up, was because I was to lazy to.

Like the saying goes, you do not want to die and the last glimpse you see, is the person you became, meeting the person you could have become.

Fight for it.

Will it.

Want it.

I know saying it is easier than doing it.

Trust me I know.

I fall off the wagon every, single, damn, day. Pushing myself, forcing myself, to become better. It’s not easy, and I fail a hundred times, more than I succeed. But what other choice do I have?

To die without even trying to live my dreams?

Fuck that.





As writers, artist, musicians, what we input into our minds has a great effect on what we put out in our work. I know that sounds simple enough, but how often do we do it?

Every great artist, always gives the same advise, submerge yourself in your chosen art. If you are a writer, read as many great works as you can, if you are a musician, listen to as many hours of great works as you can. This will in time show you how the greats have accomplished what they have done, or at the very least, will give you some ideas on what you need to work on. To inspire you to push your own limits, till you reach your full potential.

But this in itself can have a negative knock on effect.

It can intimidate the reader, or listener, or watcher, that what they will do will never be good enough. That what they will create will never stand up to the test of time, stand up to their idols own works and because of that you should quit. Quit while you are ahead, quit before you ever got started, because if you can’t reach those lofty heights then why bother?

What is the point!

And I understand that point of view, really I do.

Every creator, has that fear. Every creator after they are done taking in that master piece of art, just stares blankly at their own tools, be it screen, instrument, brush or tool and just stops.

Stops, because they are scared.

Stops, because they see the mountain that dwarfs Everest ahead of them that they need to climb, and don’t know where to start.

Stops because …. well, because it is easier to stop and never try, then try and truly see how short you fall compared to your heroes.

Thankfully, I have never let that stop me. I don’t know why, maybe because I am to stupid to know how skill-less I am. Maybe because I have an ego that could dwarf the moon.

Or maybe because I see the challenge and say, bring it on. I have always been a competitive bastard since I was born. Being a writer when I hear of stories that changed peoples lives, or make them cry for the beauty of the words that they read, I want to do that. And it doesn’t matter to me how long it will, or could take, all I care about is that I think I can accomplish that task, so why not try till I do.

The theme of this post, has pretty much gotten away from me, I wanted to talk about using other means of influences apart from your additional ones to help you create better art.

So I’ll say a few words about the matter, before I disappear.

I think that as creators, we short change ourselves in only looking at one source of work to help us create something great or unique.

I love to read autobiographies because as you all know, fact is stranger than fiction. The stories of Nelson Mandala, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even Russell Brand, have helped me understand human nature in a way that fiction stories never could. If you want to understand human behaviour, or what drives us as human beings, then there are millions  of words on the matter. From scientists, philosophers, and everyone in-between.

If you only write horror, do not limit yourself to only reading works in the horror genre. Because you rap, do not be afraid to listen to classical.

In the great words of Bruce lee, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not.”

Listen to Jazz, you may like it.

Take a walk in mother nature and let her beauty astound you, and her words guide you.

Go to an art gallery and submerge yourself in works of beauty, that will leave you confused and mystified.

All in all, as long as you’re not just sitting home, surfing the net for no other reason but to waste time, then you can grow as an artist in more ways than one.

Embrace it.

What harm can it do.

Until next time.

Love and Peace


Be the baddest motherfu***er, that you can be!




That title does seem a bit aggressive, I must admit. But I have found out in life that you normally don’t get, where you want to be, by not being aggressive, and going after what you want in life.

To have a life that you want, a life that you can go to bed or wake up and think yeah …. I am a bad motherfucker, you need to grab it with both hands. You need to attack it relentlessly until you get what you want. Thats the only way you will make it through life.

Any other way will leave you on the ground, looking up thinking what the hell just happened. As life hits you with one of its many sucker punches.

As humans we tend to be scared of, what other people think about us, what will are neighbours say? What will our parents think? When we don’t choose the path that, was supposed to be laid out in front of us. How will they react to it all.

Quite honestly I can say, that it shouldn’t really matter. None of it should.

You and only you, are with yourself every hour, every minute, every second of the day.

No one else.

So why should it matter, what other people’s opinions of you are?

Really it shouldn’t.

But I know you may be reading this and thinking, who is this idiot writing on his little website telling me what to do, and how to think.

Well you’re right, you shouldn’t care. And that’s the first step to being the bad motherfucker, that you are. The only thing you should care about, is how you view yourself and what, you think about yourself. Anything else, I, or anyone say is redundant.

But I will let you into a little secret, which makes this so much easier. No one really cares about what you are doing, not even your close friends or family members. Not really …. everyone is so wrapped up in his or her own little life, that they will voice their opinion about what you are doing or about to do, and then forget about it. They may bring it up on occasion, but in a world filled of selfies and instant gratification, many people only care about themselves.

Blame it on the ADD generation that we have grown up with. Blame it on everyone wanting everything now, and news from yesterday is completely forgotten.

For instance, I published a book and told my close family and friends, and although part of me was nervous about what people may or may not think, I got over it. I gave myself a quick slap, told myself to get it together and stop being such a pussy and that the universe is a lot more important, than my little fears or worries.

And you know what? It wasn’t as bad as I thought. People gave their say, then a day later it was just back to normal.

Now it has just become part of the nom, Dominique writes books, what else is new.

When something is done no matter how special or amazing it may first appear, from breaking the four minute mile to walking on the moon, after a while, it just becomes part of history, or the mundane. The bigger the achievement, the longer the news-excitement lasts, but in the end it all gets lost away, in the ever growing what has been done for me lately mentality.

Even if we found aliens next week. After a year or two, it wouldn’t be a big issue. Just something that has now become part of everyday society and reality.

Life is funny like that, as humans we are always striving for the next new thing. Thats what makes us great, thats what takes us from scratching on cave walls to walking on the moon.

But you dear reader can use that to your advantage. Whatever you are putting off to do today, because you are scared of what might be said, just do it. Because you will be yesterdays news tomorrow, and no one will really care what you did or didn’t do.

Until next time dear reader and savvy friends.

Love and Peace