Hello good people.

I wanted to talk about something that has helped me become a more efficient person. And in that regard a better person.

It’s goal setting.

I have always been one of those people that never set a deadline or goal to accomplish anything. I did what I had to do and prayed and hoped for the best. Now this will get you some of the way. It will. But what ends up happening is that you have so many things going on at once, that things slip through the cracks.

You start to forget things. Newer, fresher ideas, take over old ones and before you know it you’re in a contstant wheel of motion, not getting anywhere far.

This is where goals come in.

Goals! Wonderful goals.

If you have not tried it, trust me give it a go.

If you can’t finish that novel.

Setting a deadline and goal to accomplish it will help.

Can’t seem to lose weight.

Set small goals to help you get there.

Can’t seem to save money.

Yet again, set small goals to help you get there.

Now you! As the goal setter must do two things too make sure that this shit works.

First and foremost.

You must breakdown your big overarching goals into smaller bits. Want to loose 100 pounds in 6 weeks.

Not really going to happen.

Change that goal into I want to loose a pound a week for the next 53 weeks, that is more manageable. Then just carry that goal over into the next year and mission accomplished.

Second you must write down and review your goals more than three times a week. I would say everyday. But we both know that’s not going to happen. Even I only review my goals four times a week at most.

What I will say that I do though is visualise those goals.

Just sit back during your day for 5-10 minutes and envision yourself going through what you have set out.

See yourself 100 pounds lighter.

See yourself with that finished manuscript in your hands. Feel the weight of it in your hands. Let the smell of the paper that is on print embrace you.

Say your goals out loud to yourself and reopen your eyes.

Believe that they will come true and pretty soon they will.

Until next time

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night