Writing for me as always been a dream.

When asked by my teachers what I wanted to do when I left school, I looked at them with a straight face and said author. The empty stare back, and the silence which followed, always makes me smile now, but it didn’t always use to be that way.

I was unsure, if this path was the right one for me. I mean, being a author, actor, musician was something that either happened in the movies or to other people. It didn’t happen to people like me right?

That was my thought process, going into this, when I was younger. Growing up a lot of us lack the confidence, discipline and wisdom to stick to a chosen path, even though it may start off bumpy to begin with. I feel for a lot of young men and women out their, that are clueless on their chosen path, or to scared to see it through and allow outside forces to guide them down a path which doesn’t resonate with their soul.

When you are young, the world looks so big and is filled of endless opportunities, with everyone from your teachers, friends, and parents telling you which path that they think is best for them. Although that may be the right path for the individual involved.

I remember having a conversation, with a work colleague years ago about his daughter, and how he wanted her to become a dentist. And when I asked what she wanted to do, or if he had spoken to her about her desires, and wants for the future, the blank stare he gave me back was comical.

I could see the hardware overheating and saying do not compute.

I have always said, that it is the people that are closest to you that will either kill you, or lead you down the wrong path. It’s because they love you, and they will allow the fear from their own lives to lead you a stray.

Wish them all the best my friends, but do not listen.

There is only one thing that you need to remember, when deciding on your chosen path. All it takes to get there is hard work and effort.

Hard work and effort.

For me to get where I want to be in my profession, I always need to be writing. Even if it’s my birthday, christmas, new years eve. I always need to be writing. So I can hone my craft and become better than I was yesterday.

Without that, then there is no dream.

You can wish it as much as you want, and read all the books like The Secret.

But unless you do the damn work, shit ain’t going to work out for you. And that is where a lot of people, get stuck. They can dream the big dreams, houses, cars, and the like, but putting the effort in getting it is something completely different. So whenever I don’t feel like writing or I slack off, I think about where I once was, to where I am not, to where I will be.

If I could lie and say, I keep on writing for my readers, and that would be partly true. But I keep doing this for me. Otherwise, I would go insane. I would go insane knowing that my best is being kept back from the world by no one else but me. I would go insane knowing, that the only reason I wasn’t showing up, was because I was to lazy to.

Like the saying goes, you do not want to die and the last glimpse you see, is the person you became, meeting the person you could have become.

Fight for it.

Will it.

Want it.

I know saying it is easier than doing it.

Trust me I know.

I fall off the wagon every, single, damn, day. Pushing myself, forcing myself, to become better. It’s not easy, and I fail a hundred times, more than I succeed. But what other choice do I have?

To die without even trying to live my dreams?

Fuck that.