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Fat Vampire

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Fat Vampire written by Johnny B Truant is a great book following the misadventures of treadmill salesman Reginald Baskin.
Who is a fat lazy slob who wants more from life.
You know the story, man works in a dead-end job, man meets someone mysterious, man’s life changes forever. Now, this may seem like a cookie cutter template, which lacks originality and feeling but the more you get into the story of the main character the more you root for him and what he has to go through.
Getting turned into a vampire is one thing but getting turned into a fat vampire who can never lose weight for as long as you live is something completely different.

While the book takes a little bit to get into, the humour is upfront and laugh out loud funny. The side characters are engaging and his mentor Maurice was one of the most memorable characters, that I’ve read to date.

If you want a book that’s fast-paced with a lot of dark humour then this book is for you.

Plus the series is complete, so unlike with other stories you don’t have to wait years for the author to get round to finishing it. You can read the whole series in one hit, which I recommend as the story only gets stronger with each book.

Pick it up today from one of the below stores, you won’t be disappointed.

Fat Vampire: UK

Fat Vampire:USA

Meta Tom Reynold

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Connor Connolly is your average everyday teen.
Wants to be liked.
Has dorky friends.
Is in love with a girl who’s out of his league.

But all that changes when he is granted superpowers via metabands, which are bracelets that make the user, superhuman.
His world turns upside down and he must deal with the struggles of being a teen as well as trying to be a hero.

Now first off I loved this series. The three books (now four as of this month) was action-packed and fast pace that left little in the way of navel-gazing or staring off into the distance asking why me!!!

It made you feel for the characters and made you root for them also. Its world building was amazing and the scope of the universe the author created was expansive.
But having said all that there were a few things that bugged me.

Cliche superhero tropes. The main character is an orphan whose parents were killed by a legendary evil supervillain, losing friends because of his secrets and saving the girl he loves on more than one occasion.

Now I know every genre has its troops. The large quest and travelling to untold land in epic fantasy, the happy endings in romance and the snarky lead character in urban fantasy.

So bear that in mind when you start the book, but by all means, in the end, I think it only adds to the story.

Like I said I really did enjoy this series.

The action was fast pace and there is always a twist that keeps you guessing, which is hard to do in an age where we are bombard by superhero movies.
But somehow this book manages to pull it off, making it one of the better superhero books I’ve read in this genre.

The all-time greats for me will still be The Never Hero by T. Ellery Hodges and Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson.
Those two series are the gold standard for me. I believe I did a review for Never Hero way, way back, but I’ve yet to do one for Reckoners which I may have to do after I remind myself of the story.

Anyway if you’re at a loss of something to read which is light and fast pace give this series a read. You won’t be disappointed.



An apology


Last year I wrote a blog post about why I thought Black Panther would suck because Hollywood has a track record of ruining predominantly black films.
I don’t know what it is but they are either overly stereotypical or just badly written.
So I went to the Black Panther movie with a mix of wanting it to blow my socks off, to expecting it to be so full of cringey moments that I just wanted to shake my head and walk out.
But it…. was a really good movie.
The main character was what you would expect from a king. Righteous, kind, benevolent and always thinking about the people he needs to protect above everything else. He had the calm air and demeanour that took me back to Mufasa from the Lion King.
Everything felt right about the character.
Everything felt right about the supporting cast.
His sister gave a much needed comical break when things got too heavy or emotional.
His second in command was such a bad ass woman, that anyone would think twice before attacking the king. They also played it out nicely where she has to pick her duty over what she thinks is truly right.
Even the leader in the mountains played his part well.
The movie gave us (black people) something to strive for and reach. Something to strive for and outdo.
For that, I thank Ryan Kyle Coogler the film director and screenwriter.
You did a wonderful job, my friend, my hat goes out to you.
There were a few cringey moments, I shall admit.
Some of Killmonger’s speech’s where… forced. Is that the right word to would use?
They didn’t feel natural.
The one that comes to mind is when he and the main character are about to duel for the first time and he lists what his done to get here. That felt forced.
But apart from that, I can’t really fault the movie.
It wasn’t the best Marvel film I have seen. My picks would be
1. Logan
2. Civil War
3. Thor: Ragnarok
4. Guardians of the galaxy
5. Winter Soldier
6. Black Panther

But I can see why some people would love it. It meant a lot to many people and for that, I can’t fault it. Just like Wonder Woman gave little girls something to strive for, although I didn’t like the film, I hope Black Panther can do the same for little black boys and girls.

It was hard growing up and having all your heroes be white. It was hard growing up and reading all the great western works of art, from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter and all the characters being white.
It was never hard for me to relate to them, as it would be for other people, but as we push forward as a culture and species I hope that shall change.

I know times appear dire right now, but it’s always darkest before the light.

I for one I’m doing all I can, to change the way people see things in my books. I hope the trend continues in Hollywood and we see a change for the better.
A change that sticks
A change that forces each and every one of us to live to our full potential.

Quick update

I know you have not heard from me in a while but rest assured I’m still alive and kicking.
What have I been up too?
Well, where do I begin, trips to Paris which may be my favourite city and away to the coast for Christmas. (Damn that was three months ago)
I’m just putting the final touches on Outlaw book 5 which will go to my editor and should be with you fine folks very soon.
I am aiming for a June release, I’ll keep you updated when I also get the cover and know for sure an exact date.
I’m also writing a new series which is a mixture of fantasy and Sci-Fi, think urban fantasy in space.
For the anime/ cartoon lovers out there it’s best described as Air Bender meets Star Wars.
All three books in that series should be coming out this year and I’ll update you when I’m close to releasing the first book.
Apart from that, I hope you are ok and I’ll speak to you soon.
(Oh, did you see Black Panther? What did you think?)

Wonder Woman sucks and so will Black Panther

I can’t understand the hype for WonderWoman. I simply can’t bring myself to understand how a movie, which shits the bed in the third act, can get so many glowing reviews.

I would give the movie a 6 out of 10 stars at best, and that was only because the first half was so strong. I keep scratching my head, wondering how a movie can be so completely different from the start to the end. It was like the movie was directed by two different directors.

Now I have a feeling I know why it got so many great reviews from critics, but I’ll come back to that later.

Now the first half was strong, it set up the origins of the protagonist beautifully, with the right amount of back story and open ended questions that needed to be asked later. It showcased all the characters and when the group formed, that would help our main character out, they all slotted together, with each character bouncing off the other.

So far so good right?

Yeah, I thought so.

I know a lot of people criticised the main character as annoying or stupid, and that the actress who played the role didn’t give a wide range of emotions, but you have to remember that the protagonist is sort of a child.

She was sheltered from the outside world her whole life, she hasn’t seen the horrors of the world fully, and doesn’t understand that some people can be evil because they are.

Its sort of the rich kid who has been in boarding school their whole life, now trying to make a living in the ghetto.

I thought the actress played it great, to the point of me being annoying at the character. I was annoyed at the character because I was invested, I wanted her to awake up and smell the roses.

No, none of that was a problem for me. What was, was the shit show, which was the ending of the movie.

What. The. Fuck.

The final battle was so cliche filled with terrible CGI, that I didn’t know what was going on half the time. It was just down right…. Bad. Added with 80’s style one liners that made me shake my head, I felt like I was cheated out of my cinema money.


Also the big reveal that the protagonist was indeed a god was just tossed into conversation, like a jockstrap in a washing hamper.

The only thing that was good about the ending of the story, was that Chris Pine stole the show with his sacrifice.

Now if you look at rotten apples, which has rated this movie so high, you would be lead to believe that this movie is actually good. And it is at some parts, but the reason that this movie is so highly rated on there is that far left liberal film critics, are bending over backwards to praise this movie because it stars a female lead.

The first female lead in a superhero movie.

But they shouldn’t.

Regardless if this movie is starring a female lead, black lead, transgender lead or anything between, it shouldn’t be given special treatment because then you are making a mockery of your own grading system.

If you compare rotten apples reviews to IMDB, where regular movie goers post their comments you would see a night and day difference. IMDB’s rankings for the movie is two stars lower. With many people asking on that site, why hasn’t anyone given an honest review of the movie on rotten apples.

When we allow political opinions, to shade what is good or bad then we are on a downward spiral to mediocrity in our entertainment.

We should be pushing the boundaries. Not catering to any crap because it might align to our agendas.

This is the same reason that Black Panther with the first male black man as a superhero will be shit!

The movie will be a terrible mixture of hip hop video like material, with black people trying to act super fly. It will be cliche filled, and it won’t be real. For some reason, Hollywood can’t make a serious film with people in colour, without it being…. Type casted!

Just once, once in my lifetime, can I get a film where my black lead doesn’t talk with a heavy slang accent or come from the streets. Or is something between.

And I know everyone reading this will be saying, but Black Panther is an African king and blah, blah, blah.

It still will be missing something, something I wish I could describe in words but… I can’t.

It’s why Red Tails should have been a great movie and failed, and its why this one will be the same.


Look, my grandmother had a saying. If you want to do well in any industry and you’re a minority, then you have to surpass the competition till people can’t ignore you.

And I don’t see us getting there, by want Hollywood has been putting out lately.

I may be wrong, I hope I am, but Hollywood hasn’t proved me wrong so far.

Short cuts

In business as well as in life, shortcuts do not amount to what you expect them to be.

I love writing, I wouldn’t want to do anything different, but I also treat it like a business and being a business, I admit a small one, you will get times were people steal from you, double cross you, and lie to you.

That’s part of the game.

It’s not a part that many people talk about. It’s not a part of the game that you hear Tony Robbins or any other motivational speaker approach, but it exists and it is very real. I can see your eyes rolling now as you say, that’s life Dom, deal with it.

And you’re right.

It is.

But it doesn’t make me or anyone else that has been taken advantage of feel any better. But there are lessons to be learnt in every obstacle. There are things to be learnt, and things that can be taken away from any negative experience in business.

Now regards to what happened to me, I wanted a quick fix to getting a lot of sales. I had heard wonderful things about a certain person’s service and I jumped at it with both feet, but as my grandmother always says, if it’s too good to be true, it normally is.

I should have taken a step back, spoken to some people who had used the service, and gotten a better feel of what I was getting myself into.

I didn’t.

So I paid the price.

One thing above all else that I believe, in is that 99.99% of anything that happens in business or life is your fault.

It is as simple as that. I will learn from this mistake grow from it and move on. The only words of warning I can give you, reading this right now, is to take your time when parting with your cash, on promises that seem too good to be true.

Greed tends to place blinders on us all when we can earn something of monetary value.

But then again, we all know that, we just rush to quickly after the carrot before looking what its attached to.

Until next time

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night

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England my heart goes out to you

England my heart goes out to you. In this time of darkness, in this time of strife, I want us all to remember that we are living in the greatest time in history that there has ever been.

Seventy-five years ago the world was at war.

A hundred years ago, women were dying in child birth and didn’t have the vote.

A hundred and fifty years ago slavery had just ended.

And the time after that, death, disease, lack of modern medicine, and lack of knowledge.

All the knowledge you want, is at your fingertips. You can learn anything you want, all you have to do is go out and find the information.

No matter what the media says, remember.

This is the greatest time to be alive!

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