I did promise to update this blog, every week on what I was doing… well it didn’t really work out like that.

As you can very well see by the dates on the last post and this one, you will notice a fair time has passed, since I posted anything.

The reason for this?

I have been busy.

I noticed something interesting in the writing indie community. Those who talk the most, in blog post, forum’s such has Kboards, are usually the writers who haven’t done anything to further their business.

You can see it from posters who post comments every day, at hundreds of words a clip who go six months to a year between releases. Then they are the first to tell you that, the gold rush is over. You can’t make a full time living at this anymore, and blah, blah, blah.

If you watch the actions of people, who are making money at this, then you’ll hardy ever see a post from them. From Lindsay Buroker, Mark Dawson, Chris Fox, Michael Anderle, any of these big hitters are busy doing something to further their brand. Making some other content that will get them in front of readers eyes. From promo’s to admin type shit, to writing. They are too busy to entertain thoughts of failure.

Too busy to care what the latest KDP payout is for that month.

Their one and only goal is hard, crippling work. Each put out more than five books a year. Each knows that nothing will sell a book better than the next one.

This is nothing new!

But yet people still complain.

Each and every author from the above, didn’t hit it out of the blocks, with their first book. Heavy hitters such as Hugh Howey was on his five or six book, before Wool took off. This was during the early days of kindle when all you had to do, was release a book to make money.

Patience and hard work will get you to any goal. No matter how far off it may seem.

Lindsay Buroker is sort of a secret mentor to me. Her advice is always on point, always easy to follow.

She is a self-confessed lazy author, in that she doesn’t do much promo’s and facebook ad’s isn’t really her thing. But she does believe in putting out books. In the six or seven odd years since she first published her first book, Linsday has put out forty plus novels.

In interviews, she has stated that there where other authors who were making more than her. Other authors who had bigger list than hers. But she stuck to her guns and released book after book. Now she is making a six figure income, and her latest book is number 458 in the amazon.us store.

I bet any money in a year or two, she will be hitting a seven figure income. Don’t be surprised she hits that this year.

That’s all it takes.

Hard work. Writing every day. Publishing more than three books a year.

So sorry if I haven’t been as active on here has I said. I have a mission in mind to go full time, by Dec31st this year. And that means writing more fiction words.

I will post here and update, what I am doing a bit more regularly, but for the time being the one post a week may be a bit much. Maybe not, we’ll see.

Until next time

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