I know you have not heard from me in a while but rest assured I’m still alive and kicking.
What have I been up too?
Well, where do I begin, trips to Paris which may be my favourite city and away to the coast for Christmas. (Damn that was three months ago)
I’m just putting the final touches on Outlaw book 5 which will go to my editor and should be with you fine folks very soon.
I am aiming for a June release, I’ll keep you updated when I also get the cover and know for sure an exact date.
I’m also writing a new series which is a mixture of fantasy and Sci-Fi, think urban fantasy in space.
For the anime/ cartoon lovers out there it’s best described as Air Bender meets Star Wars.
All three books in that series should be coming out this year and I’ll update you when I’m close to releasing the first book.
Apart from that, I hope you are ok and I’ll speak to you soon.
(Oh, did you see Black Panther? What did you think?)