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Fat Vampire written by Johnny B Truant is a great book following the misadventures of treadmill salesman Reginald Baskin.
Who is a fat lazy slob who wants more from life.
You know the story, man works in a dead-end job, man meets someone mysterious, man’s life changes forever. Now, this may seem like a cookie cutter template, which lacks originality and feeling but the more you get into the story of the main character the more you root for him and what he has to go through.
Getting turned into a vampire is one thing but getting turned into a fat vampire who can never lose weight for as long as you live is something completely different.

While the book takes a little bit to get into, the humour is upfront and laugh out loud funny. The side characters are engaging and his mentor Maurice was one of the most memorable characters, that I’ve read to date.

If you want a book that’s fast-paced with a lot of dark humour then this book is for you.

Plus the series is complete, so unlike with other stories you don’t have to wait years for the author to get round to finishing it. You can read the whole series in one hit, which I recommend as the story only gets stronger with each book.

Pick it up today from one of the below stores, you won’t be disappointed.

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