Last year I wrote a blog post about why I thought Black Panther would suck because Hollywood has a track record of ruining predominantly black films.
I don’t know what it is but they are either overly stereotypical or just badly written.
So I went to the Black Panther movie with a mix of wanting it to blow my socks off, to expecting it to be so full of cringey moments that I just wanted to shake my head and walk out.
But it…. was a really good movie.
The main character was what you would expect from a king. Righteous, kind, benevolent and always thinking about the people he needs to protect above everything else. He had the calm air and demeanour that took me back to Mufasa from the Lion King.
Everything felt right about the character.
Everything felt right about the supporting cast.
His sister gave a much needed comical break when things got too heavy or emotional.
His second in command was such a bad ass woman, that anyone would think twice before attacking the king. They also played it out nicely where she has to pick her duty over what she thinks is truly right.
Even the leader in the mountains played his part well.
The movie gave us (black people) something to strive for and reach. Something to strive for and outdo.
For that, I thank Ryan Kyle Coogler the film director and screenwriter.
You did a wonderful job, my friend, my hat goes out to you.
There were a few cringey moments, I shall admit.
Some of Killmonger’s speech’s where… forced. Is that the right word to would use?
They didn’t feel natural.
The one that comes to mind is when he and the main character are about to duel for the first time and he lists what his done to get here. That felt forced.
But apart from that, I can’t really fault the movie.
It wasn’t the best Marvel film I have seen. My picks would be
1. Logan
2. Civil War
3. Thor: Ragnarok
4. Guardians of the galaxy
5. Winter Soldier
6. Black Panther

But I can see why some people would love it. It meant a lot to many people and for that, I can’t fault it. Just like Wonder Woman gave little girls something to strive for, although I didn’t like the film, I hope Black Panther can do the same for little black boys and girls.

It was hard growing up and having all your heroes be white. It was hard growing up and reading all the great western works of art, from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter and all the characters being white.
It was never hard for me to relate to them, as it would be for other people, but as we push forward as a culture and species I hope that shall change.

I know times appear dire right now, but it’s always darkest before the light.

I for one I’m doing all I can, to change the way people see things in my books. I hope the trend continues in Hollywood and we see a change for the better.
A change that sticks
A change that forces each and every one of us to live to our full potential.