ReligionWriting a book about angels, I am surprised I have not had the question about my faith pop up yet. Maybe people are to polite to ask, or maybe not everyone as finished reading, the first book yet.

Whatever the case may be, I want to address it here first before the questions come in.  And that’s one of the most beautiful things about having a blog, I have a place to share my thoughts without getting interrupted. But anyway onward onto faith.

How would I best describe what I believe in or don’t, that’s really a complicated question, because to me, there are so many things wrong with religion that people ignore. Or choose to brush under the carpet. But I will also be the first to admit that there are many things powerful in having a faith also, and I believe when all else fails, believing in something greater than yourself can help certain people tremendously.

But what about those people that don’t believe in a higher power, what do they do? The question is simple, believe in yourself.

The quote that goes: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth.” Is true on so many leveles because of the ideas and dreams that failed to ever be, or to ever come to fruition.  How many Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela’s, didn’t come into being, because people simply didn’t believe in themselves, or what they could do. Self worth and self belief  in my eyes, are one of the major things lacking in our society across the world. It isn’t spoken about in schools and it isn’t spoken about in the media. Because it’s frowned upon so much to believe in yourself as a human being.

Whenever someone shouts out, or rises to the top by proclaiming that he will change the world, or he is the greatest fighter that ever lived, the world stands to attention and gasps. Some even point and whisper about how brash, how boastful, how vain and deluded that person is. But if more people did the same, then it wouldn’t be such a rarity.

Why do we allow so few as a human race, to stand and say the things that we think about at night, or that we would like to believe in, but never do the same thing ourselves.

Maybe it is fear.

Maybe we don’t want to be ridiculed.

Or maybe there is safety in numbers, by staying in the pack. And the moment you step away from the pack, and start to create something for yourself, believe in yourself, is the moment that other people will have to look at themselves, and see their short comings.

Now …. what do I believe in?

What religion do I partake in?

None if I am honest with you. I believe in love, life, and happiness. And I know that sounds hippyish and it may very well be. But to me, I believe in the universe, and the marvel that it is. How can you not be amazed by the stars, by black holes, by moons and asteroids traveling at speeds that boggle the mind. If you look even closer to home, watch any animal documentary, and be wowed over by mother nature herself. Look at your smartphone, which is probably by your side. Could you imagine something like that twenty years ago.

I can talk to someone and see their face at the same time in CHINA!!!

Life to me is so amazing, so harsh, so unpredictable, that man …. How could you not love it.

So to me, my faith, my beliefs, are in the wonderful world around us and what it holds. To the universe and how mysterious it is.

How could I believe in anything else apart from that.

So until next time, friends.

As always.

Love and Peace.