Because I am an author first and foremost, this will mostly relate to authors. But it really could relate to anyone.

The issue of confidence, lies in many peoples way of not achieving what they would want to do with their lives.

The issue of confidence, stuns people into not taking action.

The issue of confidence, scares people into thinking what other people will think of them and their work.

The issue of confidence, will swallow you up, bit by bit every day, until you look back and your dreams are nothing more than a distant memory and you are too late and have no time left to do anything about it.

How do you change that?

How do you move past that first step, till you get to walking towards your goal, then finally running towards it with every ounce of strength you have.

The answer is simple really, just do it and don’t give a fuck, what anyone else thinks about you.

Like nike says, just do it.

I wish that I would give more insight into, how you go about doing the damn thing. But really, all those extra steps and talks and motivational speeches, about doing what you  want to do, would just really be procrastinating.

All you really need to do is just take action

The only trick that I can say to you that may help is don’t think about it.  I am lucky in the sense that I am very action oriented, in that I will do what I need to do first and plan second. Now this does cause me some problems in my live, where I could have done things better, if I had prepared beforehand.

But you will never know that unless you take action.

How many of us have unwritten books that we long to write or adventures that we wished we did, but simply failed to do so because of not taking action.

Taking action is everything and the more you do it the more confidence you will gain from it.

So next time that you want to do something,  just do it without thinking.

The longer you stare at that cliff edge, the harder it will become to jump.

Don’t think.

Just jump!

You can work out the rest on your way down.

Until next time friends

Love and Peace