Something that I have been playing around with a lot, regarding improving my writing, is mindset.

Now whenever someone says mindset, or mindset training everyone gets there back up and pulls a face. (It’s the face of someone, that smells a fart but can’t place the source.) Anyway, I am always looking for ways to improve my craft so I can give the reader a better experience and one of the things, that I think many writers are missing out on, is mindset.

Not just writers but everyone can improve their life, gain more confidence, earn more money, just have a better quality of life.

I got into improving mindset, kind of the same time that I took my writing seriously. I love listening to podcasts, and I can’t remember who’s it was now either London Real or JRE, but whoever it was they were talking to a guest of theirs at how much mindset had improved their life and, how they would recommdend it to anyone. Like many times in your life, it takes a few times for you to hear good advice for it to finally set it in.

But after hearing it from more than one source, and from many people I admire, I finally took the plunge and thought, lets give this a go.

Now it didn’t improve my life straight away. If you are looking for a magic pill, like the one in the movie limitless, than this is not it.

What it did do was slowly over a long time, improve my life in small increments.

I have read such books as, Think and Grow Rich, Chimp Paradox and 12 steps a champion, which helped greatly. Not to only see what I was doing wrong, but to point me in the direction of other great books that they recommended I read. From their it was like pulling on a string and unraveling, everything that I thought I knew was the right way to think. It  went so much deeper than just thinking positively.

I learned how to stop negative thoughts, before they start. Everyone talks to themselves weather, they admit it or not. What you say in those moments have a greater effect on you than you then know.

It should be to view the world differently, and the rich don’t get rich by luck or because they have rich friends. They got their by hard work, and grinding it out.

I learnt the friends you keep, may destroy your life. And you can only grow, by the who and what you surround yourself with.

After reading those few books and so much more, it has expanded my knowledge on everything. It has made me take courses that I fought I would never take, its made me want to  go to seminars, and it’s also made me what to become a better person, each and every day.

Now you may be reading all this and thinking, that’s good, but how will that help me become a better writer, musician, wife, husband, whatever.

Well for me, when your focused and know what path you want to take then everything else comes pretty easily.

The new found purpose will drive you when, the going gets tough and you want to quit. It will make everything so much easier to deal with and handle. Now am not saying their won’t be days that your just sucking ass.

Trust me those days, will come often. And they will come right after you’ve had your greatest day normally, and it will punch you so hard in the mouth that it will leave you stunned and bleeding.

But what a better improved mindset shows you. Is that, it’s how you deal with that horrible day that matters.

Unless you are dead, or in a coma, there is always a way to learn from any mistake and grow from it. All it takes is for you to leave your body, and detach yourself from the event to see what worked and what didn’t. After that you just move on from it.

Mindset is the key, to anything you want to accomplish. I just wished I learnt about it sooner, it could have saved me years in wasted time.

Until next time my friends.

Love and Peace.