As an artist you could not wish for anything more. The lure of having your name spoken in the highest regards among your chosen peers. The acknowledgment, frame, and power that greatness brings.  It is so tauntingly glorious to taste that fruit, that men would give anything to chase after that bite.

Who wouldn’t give anything to attain that goal?

Many won’t.

And even fewer will reach their desired goal even if they set on that path towards it.

Some will stop at the first pebble in their shoe and go no further.

Others, will overcome the first few hurdles and keep at it until they declare that life has gotten in their way. These folks are the ones that wait by the path and taunt and mislead you. Like sirens out at sea they will always steer you wrong.

Not because they want to do you harm oh no.

They believe that they are looking out for you. By telling you all the reasons why they failed, they hope that you don’t reach to high above your station. You don’t aim for that goal. Because like them you too shall fail.

They allow fear and pain to of failure to stop them from continuing on.

When drunk, they will proclaim loudly that if live had given them a break then they would have been where so and so super star is today.

If live had only given them a break.

If only….

The last group of people that you will meet or see on this journey to whatever you which to obtain, are the quiet souls that keep their head down and keep pushing on. They say little. Do much. And sometimes they may reach greatness. Many times, they won’t.

And that’s the scariest thing about the journey in and of itself.

There  is a higher chance than most that you won’t reach that mountain peak.

You won’t pick that hanging fruit onto of the mountain and look across the plains below you while you bite into it. Reflecting back on the journey and everything that it threw your way.

Writing this, part of me is scared. Most of me is excited.

I am a strong believer that if you do whatever your craft is enough times. Then your will bound to reach some sort of goal, acknowledgment, acclaim.

Being praised by people is not what drives me.


Its reaching the top of that mountain. Since I could remember people of have told me I couldn’t do this or that, and just pushing forward to prove them wrong is more victory than I could ever want.

Now is that unhealthy?


But it’s my why.

It’s what fuels me.

It’s what drives me.

When I have overcome, smashed, destroyed that hurdle, then my goals will change.

But for now, that’s the mountain I want to conquer.


And becoming the greatest writer that ever lived.

Becoming the greatest writer that I can be!

Listen, if I publish a hundred books before I am dead, one is bound to be a best seller.

That’s all anyone ever needs.

Just one shot.

One chance.

One hope.