This year has been amazing!!!

I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have seen more places than I ever dreamed of, I have wrote more words than I ever thought was possible. I have received more love for my books than I thought a newbie author like me would get.

Man. This year has been a blast. Where do I start?

Well the start of the year saw me in Budapest.

(My phone broke so no pictures)

I really enjoyed that city, there was more walking than I would have liked but at least I didn’t put on weight from all the food that I had eaten.  Hands down, their food was some of the best tasting I ever had. I fancy myself a foodie so, my standards are always quite high. But they blew my tastebuds away with the variety of dishes they had.

Plus everything there tasted fresh. It felt like as soon as you ordered your food, they sent someone out the back to kill it for you. I eat so much, that it made my girlfriend angry at how gluttonous I was being.

So if you like history and good food, Budapest is the place to go. Not to mention that they have the best outdoor mineral pool in the world. That was fun.

I can’t remember if I was writing my third book in the Fallen series or fourth. But either way the words were flowing on that holiday.

I released my third book thereafter, Takeover and it’s my favourite in the series.  Everything came together in that book and it was so easy to write. And it introduced one of my most beloved characters Zami. That girl always makes me laugh.

Next came another holiday to the Norfolk coast.


Sunny, beautiful scenery, peaceful. What else does a writer want?

In that time I wrote my fourth novel, which to date is the biggest novel that I have ever wrote. Coming in at 107K, it was epic to say the least. It was suspenseful, some characters that I came to love passed away, but it felt like it completed the series. To this day I still can’t place the Fallen Angels it in a proper genre. It’s not urban fantasy enough for that genre. It’s not Christian fantasy enough for that catalogue either.

In the end I stopped trying to label it, and just said to anyone that asked, that it was a cool series about angels.

Then it was another trip to Athens.


The food was divine, the water was crystal clear. The locals where friendly. I did nothing but write and laze about.

I finished a new novel in a new series, which I loved. It has now gone on to become my favourite novel.  It has everything that I love, action, swearing, and bad guys that give a fuck.

I released the final book in my fallen series, and it didn’t do as well as I expected. But that’s life I guess. I learnt some hard lessons from that book and I hope not to repeat them.

The final trip of the year was to the Dorset coast.


Now Dorset always holds a soft spot in my heart. I don’t know what it is, it just does. If you haven’t noticed, a theme in my holiday destinations is I like to be near water. It calms me. It relaxes me. I like to reflect, breathe and take the waves in. I just don’t feel right unless I do. And not being by an ocean where I live kinda sucks, but I think if I lived next to it all the time I would take it for granted.

The ocean gives me strength. ( I know that sounds hippish and oo lalala) But it does.

On that holiday I began the second book in my new series, which I finished in the last week of November.

That book was a bastard to finish, and things didn’t seem to come together easily for it. The editing which I will be starting in a day or two of writing this is going to be an up hill battle. But hey if I wanted to do something easy I wouldn’t be writing now would I.

As the year comes to a close, I can’t really think of any other way I would want it to end. I have had my ups and downs like most people, but as the first signs of frost are coating the roads, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

With the winter firmly leaving its boots under the table, hinting that its going to be staying a while, I am busily planning my goals and ambitions for 2017.

I know people don’t normally do this sort of thing, or they keep it private, but fuck it!

These are my goals for next year.

I want to publish six books.

I want to earn 10K in a month.

I want to go full time by Dec 31st 2017.

Will I meet those goals?

Only time will tell. But, I can tell you one thing, the universe better clear a path out of my way because I’m coming for it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas or time off if you don’t celebrate it, and I wish you get everything you deserve in 2017.

Until next time

Good Morning

Good Evening

Good Night