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The highs and lows of writing

I am a very optimistic person, or I would like to think so. I always have a smile on my face and tend to see the sunny side of every situation that I am in. No matter what it is, I believe that you can always grow from the experience that has befallen you. When you can look back on your worst day and learn from it, then you can move on from that pain of the experience.

But writing, boy does it seems to kick you in the teeth. Unless you have skin like a rhino, then you will not last long in this game.  Some of the reviews that you receive can be pretty hurtful, if you let them get to you. Some authors I know don’t even read reviews anymore, they simply flat out refuse to.  But that in itself, I think can harm you a lot more.

When your first starting out, and you don’t have beta readers to highlight where the story lags and where it doesn’t work, reviews can do that for you. Not every review will be helpful, but the ones that tells you what didn’t work for them you can disgust that and use it in your later work.

Reviews like “Rubbish.” With nothing else written, just ignore. As well as any personal attacks, these do not help and can just be met with a shake of the head and move on.  But others that really break down your book, use it to your own advantage so your next book is tighter, stronger, better.

I will admit the above is not easy to do.

Trust me, I know.

It will have you doubting your work, hating everything that you write, and can sometimes led to writers block if you let it. But what I have learned and what works for me, is that once your book is out in the world for people to buy it, you can’t be that attached to it.

If you are a self published author, then you must treat your book like a publisher. If something doesn’t work change it. If a cover is wrong for the genre, that you write, change it. If the story sucks then it may be time to un-publish it and try again.

When you are creating your work of art, treat it like your best friend, lover, soul mate, to get the most out of that book. But once the work is done. It’s done.

Treat it like a brief love affair, then move on. Get what you can from it, experience, knowledge, what works and what didn’t, but once you hit publish.

Thats it!

It really doesn’t belong to you anymore.

I know we all get attached to our work, but getting better at anything is a painful process.

My Ideas

I wanted to take a minute, and just tell readers how my first ever series Fallen Angels came to be. Really I honestly can’t quite tell you. Not for certain. I try and recall how it came about, but this idea has been knocking around in my head for so long, that it just seems to have always been there. From as far back as I can remember, I had this need to tell an Angel story. I knew how the first book would end, and how it would start. But apart from that, everything else was just one big blur.

It felt as if I was looking through a window smeared with grease, and didn’t know were it would led if I smashed through it.

Looking back at it now, with the series nearly finished, and taking a critical eye, over the whole thing. I can see where I went wrong with it.

I simply wrote for myself.

It was a story that I needed to tell, that has a lot of me in it. But apart from that, the story as a whole, doesn’t really fit in any genre. It doesn’t fit any category. It was just a story that I always had buried inside of me.

And I am happy that I told it. But judging from the sales of this series or should I say lack of it, it will always be a niche series written by me. But thats okay, because it has taught me so many valuable lessons. On story structure, story development, character development, the whole nine yards.

Now that I can take a step back, I can see the mistakes I made. Where I showed and not told. Where I added to much to the story instead of taking it away. Where the story was too lean, when it needed more meat on its bones.  I could go on and on, but after each book was finished, I leaned back in my chair and was happy that I couldn’t improve it any more.  I was happy with the finished product, and because of that, I can hold my head high.

Its only after some time has passed, when you grow in skill. Do you realise how lacking the book really is.

But I don’t think that will ever change, if you’re always looking to improve your story telling craft. That’s the only way you can really grow, by reading other peoples works, and reading books on craft. I am loving it, and having a blast at the moment reading everything I can get my hands on relating to the subject. I feel like a video game character, improving daily by the more info I dump into my brain.

I was never afraid of releasing my book. Well I may have been afraid a little bit. But I knew that no matter how much work I put into it, it would never be up to scratch in my eyes. When you have put that much work into something, it will never truly live up to your dreams. But like I said, thats okay.

I can only get better by writing more words. Day in, day out.

They say that you won’t learn the basics of story craft, unless you have a million words under your belt in fiction. Many writers believe also, thats where you truly start finding your voice.

I don’t know how true or false that may be.

But I have another Sixty-Five hundred thousand words to go, I can’t wait to tackle it one word at a time.

Until next time.

Love and Peace


What nobody tells you about writing, and why it can suck


Everyone thinks that creating great art is easy, and it is, when you know how to do it. But what everyone leaves out is how do you get to the place where it becomes easy.

Writing, painting, music.

They all take time and discipline to develop the right brain patterns, so you can easily flow into creating something great. Without practicing for hours, drilling and drilling your chosen profession, then you will always fall short.

I heard a great saying the other day on a podcast, where the guy was a martial artist and he said to get better was like walking in a field of grass. To begin with the path that you choose is hard to follow, and difficult to cross, as the way is blocked by unruly grass. But after days and weeks and months of taking the same route, you have now formed a footpath, that is bare of all grass and roots, and is easy to follow to the destination that you what to get to.

And I believe that is true with anything you want to get good at, you need to create that path way through your brain till its beaten down and worn smooth by use.

What you don’t want to do, is take the path that everyone seems to take. You start out taking one route then, a few weeks later you switch to a different path, then a different path. Until the first one that you originally used, is now overgrown and hard to use.

Be consistent!

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Be deliberate, in everything that you do!

If you choose to write for an hour, then fucking write for a hour. Don’t sit at the computer, but spend twenty minutes writing and forty minutes fucking about on the net. The net is your biggest roadblock to success. It has taken me years to realise that, and if you are like me, I know what you will say to yourself.

I can stop surfing whenever I want to. But how wrong I, and you are.

Whenever I use to hear about people spending five hours a day watching TV. I would always think fucking losers. But man, if I didn’t spend more than that just watching youtube, reading blogs on writing, listening to podcast on writing, and just all around time wasting. Then I would chalk it up to more than five hours a day. Although I wasn’t wasting my time in front of the idiot box, I was still wasting my time in other ways.

And this brings me on to my second, piece of advice. To be good at anything you have to suck at it first. I remember my first piece of writing I did, and I uploaded it onto a writing forum a few years ago. It was filled of holes, spelling mistakes the whole shebang. I got pulled to pieces on there, if it was a real room and not just a chat room, I would have been laughed out of it. The words and comments won’t all that helpful, which is pretty surprising now, when I am in a number of writer forums and indies are anything but friendly. But I must have just stumbled on a negative bunch of writers, who knows. But anyway, I nearly left there feeling rejected, if it wasn’t for this one solid gold piece of advice.

It went something likes this.

Your writing is utter shit …. But it has promise, keep at it and maybe down the years you will fulfil your dream of becoming an author.

If it wasn’t for that woman’s one piece of advice I would have never continued on. I would have stopped at the first hurdle.

So to anyone reading this, I will simply say. Everything you write for the first year or two will be shit. Utter horse shit. But don’t despair, all the greats had to go through the same thing. If any say they didn’t, then they are simpy lying to you.


To do anything well, you need to put in the time!

One way or the other.

Until next time dear reader

Love and Peace

P.S Buy my shitttt!!!!!




Something that I have been playing around with a lot, regarding improving my writing, is mindset.

Now whenever someone says mindset, or mindset training everyone gets there back up and pulls a face. (It’s the face of someone, that smells a fart but can’t place the source.) Anyway, I am always looking for ways to improve my craft so I can give the reader a better experience and one of the things, that I think many writers are missing out on, is mindset.

Not just writers but everyone can improve their life, gain more confidence, earn more money, just have a better quality of life.

I got into improving mindset, kind of the same time that I took my writing seriously. I love listening to podcasts, and I can’t remember who’s it was now either London Real or JRE, but whoever it was they were talking to a guest of theirs at how much mindset had improved their life and, how they would recommdend it to anyone. Like many times in your life, it takes a few times for you to hear good advice for it to finally set it in.

But after hearing it from more than one source, and from many people I admire, I finally took the plunge and thought, lets give this a go.

Now it didn’t improve my life straight away. If you are looking for a magic pill, like the one in the movie limitless, than this is not it.

What it did do was slowly over a long time, improve my life in small increments.

I have read such books as, Think and Grow Rich, Chimp Paradox and 12 steps a champion, which helped greatly. Not to only see what I was doing wrong, but to point me in the direction of other great books that they recommended I read. From their it was like pulling on a string and unraveling, everything that I thought I knew was the right way to think. It  went so much deeper than just thinking positively.

I learned how to stop negative thoughts, before they start. Everyone talks to themselves weather, they admit it or not. What you say in those moments have a greater effect on you than you then know.

It should be to view the world differently, and the rich don’t get rich by luck or because they have rich friends. They got their by hard work, and grinding it out.

I learnt the friends you keep, may destroy your life. And you can only grow, by the who and what you surround yourself with.

After reading those few books and so much more, it has expanded my knowledge on everything. It has made me take courses that I fought I would never take, its made me want to  go to seminars, and it’s also made me what to become a better person, each and every day.

Now you may be reading all this and thinking, that’s good, but how will that help me become a better writer, musician, wife, husband, whatever.

Well for me, when your focused and know what path you want to take then everything else comes pretty easily.

The new found purpose will drive you when, the going gets tough and you want to quit. It will make everything so much easier to deal with and handle. Now am not saying their won’t be days that your just sucking ass.

Trust me those days, will come often. And they will come right after you’ve had your greatest day normally, and it will punch you so hard in the mouth that it will leave you stunned and bleeding.

But what a better improved mindset shows you. Is that, it’s how you deal with that horrible day that matters.

Unless you are dead, or in a coma, there is always a way to learn from any mistake and grow from it. All it takes is for you to leave your body, and detach yourself from the event to see what worked and what didn’t. After that you just move on from it.

Mindset is the key, to anything you want to accomplish. I just wished I learnt about it sooner, it could have saved me years in wasted time.

Until next time my friends.

Love and Peace.

Takeover (Fallen Angel Book 3) Available Everywhere

Takeover-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-AppleBroken heart, broken mind, broken body…

Being left for dead, Perez must face his greatest challenge yet.
Survival. Simple for most, but not for him.
With Monroe in danger, all seems lost,
As an unknown angel finds himself closer to victory,
A victory that Perez knows will bring about
Many twists and turnns of events that could ruin them all.
Now, it’s up to Perez, broken and shattered, to find the courage and strength to save all that he holds dear, before the takeover.



It’s out!!!!

I am super excited and happy that my third novel in the Fallen Angels series is finally here. It took a little while to get out, but after I had edited the last word, I sat back with a smile on my face knowing that I couldn’t have written it any better. This book for me is my best work yet.

It’s double the size of the last two, and has more action, emotion, and heartache than the other two as well.

You can pick your copy from,,,Kobo,Barnes&Noble.

Hope you enjoy it,

Until next time

Love and Peace



An interview with author Lisa Morrow

Today ladies and gents, we have a special guest giving us an interview. Her name is Lisa Morrow, and she is the brilliant writer of The Sea Goddess: A Tarak Tale: Part 1 and To Kill a Wizard: Rose’s Story (The Protectors of Tarak) but to name a few. Reading her first short story, blew me away. She managed to pack, so much drama and tension, into such a short piece of work, that I am wondering what her longer works are like. If you have not done so yet, pick up her first book and see for yourself.

But anyway without further adieu, please welcome Lisa Morrow.

Do you want to tell us a little about your stories, and what made you choose to self publish?

Everyone wants to feel powerful, and yet, there are so many times when we feel exactly the opposite.  My stories revolve around characters who are often blessed with magic.  Their powers give them the means to do things that ordinary people can’t do.  But the funny thing is,  magic doesn’t just instantly solve their problems.  If anything, it often creates more problems for them.  It’s only through their bravery, strength of will, and sense of morality that they’re able to accomplish great things.

Rose, in “To Kill a Wizard” faces an army of undead wizards to protect those she loves.  Dessi, in “The Sea Goddess,” plunges into danger as she steps out on The Feast of Darkness to rescue a friend.  And Dessi’s problems only grow, in “Realm of Goddesses” when she must risk her life against an impossible enemy.

And these young women manage to do it all while falling in love.

So in other words, I write young adult fantasy with a splash of romance.  I focus on creating plots that move quickly, keep the tension high, and have character you want to see succeed.

As for deciding to self-publish, it was a difficult choice.  But in the end, I couldn’t give up control over my work.  I love being able to go online multiple times a day to monitor my sales.  In fact, after this post comes out, I’ll be able to see how many people downloaded my free story, how many people bought my paid stories, and how many people “bought” my story through Kindle Unlimited (where I’ll be able to see how many pages they read each day).  Can you imagine knowing any of this through a traditional publisher?  It is quite simply awesome.

How long have you been writing for? And what first made you want to put pen to paper, or fingers to keypads as it were.

I started writing when I was in the second grade.  I entered writing competitions as early as elementary school.  And from the very beginning, I was driven with a deep need to write a story and to have it heard.

What’s your favorite genre to read, and write? 

Young adult novels are fun, as is sci-fi, but nothing beats fantasy.  I love it.  There’s something about the limitless possibilities that has me returning to it over and over again.

Who’s your favorite author, and what’s your most memorable novel? 

This is a tricky one.  “Bridge to Terabithia” was the first novel that made me cry, and that taught me how a well-written novel can create characters who feel real.  “The Golden Compass” showed me how a master-writer can create whole worlds, and “Harry Potter” was simply a novel that left me forever attached to people and places that only exist in my mind.

You’re doing all the right things (awesome covers and blurbs) when it comes to selling books. Do you have any suggestions for other authors?

Write what drives you, but then finish what you start.  I think it’s easier to have a dozen half-finished novels, than to spend months or years editing a novel until it’s what you want.  And guess what?  With self-publishing, you’ll learn very quickly what you’re doing well and what you need to work on.  It can sting a bit, but it just means you can keep growing and improving as a writer.

And once your work is out there, you can promote your novel, (which takes time away from writing, but at least a little promotion is necessary).  You can also spend a lot of money having others promote it for you (which I don’t), but the three most important things to being successful will always be: a good blurb, a good cover, and writing your next book.

What are you planning next, and where can people find out more?

I’m working on a ridiculous number of things right now, because I’m going wherever inspiration strikes.  The third story in the Dessi series has been started and started over multiple times.  I have a cool superhero story coming out in an anthology this year.  Rose’s mom will get her own three part story series.  And, I have a couple short romances in the works.

Where to Find Me…


Twitter: @LisaMorrowBooks


Amazon Page:

Want to read an awesome young adult fantasy novel?  Check out “To Kill a Wizard” by Lisa Morrow (free with Kindle Unlimited):


When eighteen-year-old Rose is chosen to join a mysterious order of women known as The Protectors, she hopes to escape a forced marriage and a miserable life. Instead, she unveils the dark secrecy surrounding The Protectors, and uncovers the horrific truth behind their power source. With her loyalty in tatters and her best friend’s life held hostage, she must learn to unlock the powerful magic slumbering deep inside her. 

But time is running out. 

The Undead Wizards, a dangerous enemy, have re-emerged from the Underworld, plunging The Protectors and the kingdom into a brutal war. Unfortunately, The Fates’ decree, that Rose is the answer to the war, may cost her more than she ever imagined. To win, she must decide whether to join them and betray the man she loves, or risk the annihilation of all she holds dear.

Thank you Dominique Mondesir for letting me stop by your awesome blog!


Hey all,

I did a quick interview over at Lisa Morrow’s blog. Check it out. I had fun answering her questions and even more fun reading her short story the The Sea Goddess: A Tarak Tale.

Let me know what you lot think. In the mean time, have a good morning, happy afternoon and restful evening.

Love and Peace



Because I am an author first and foremost, this will mostly relate to authors. But it really could relate to anyone.

The issue of confidence, lies in many peoples way of not achieving what they would want to do with their lives.

The issue of confidence, stuns people into not taking action.

The issue of confidence, scares people into thinking what other people will think of them and their work.

The issue of confidence, will swallow you up, bit by bit every day, until you look back and your dreams are nothing more than a distant memory and you are too late and have no time left to do anything about it.

How do you change that?

How do you move past that first step, till you get to walking towards your goal, then finally running towards it with every ounce of strength you have.

The answer is simple really, just do it and don’t give a fuck, what anyone else thinks about you.

Like nike says, just do it.

I wish that I would give more insight into, how you go about doing the damn thing. But really, all those extra steps and talks and motivational speeches, about doing what you  want to do, would just really be procrastinating.

All you really need to do is just take action

The only trick that I can say to you that may help is don’t think about it.  I am lucky in the sense that I am very action oriented, in that I will do what I need to do first and plan second. Now this does cause me some problems in my live, where I could have done things better, if I had prepared beforehand.

But you will never know that unless you take action.

How many of us have unwritten books that we long to write or adventures that we wished we did, but simply failed to do so because of not taking action.

Taking action is everything and the more you do it the more confidence you will gain from it.

So next time that you want to do something,  just do it without thinking.

The longer you stare at that cliff edge, the harder it will become to jump.

Don’t think.

Just jump!

You can work out the rest on your way down.

Until next time friends

Love and Peace


Do you like reading in other genres

Although at the moment, I write in christian fantasy. I love reading in other genres, and plan on writing in them too. I know other writers frown on writing in more than one genre or sub-genre, and many use pen names when planning to venture into new territory, but I don’t see why they should.  Unless you write kids books or young adult, and then are planning to dive into romance, then I get your choice for creating a new pen name.

But if you write space opera, and plan to write an epic fantasy book with sword swinging barbarians and dragons, then I don’t see the harm.  People allow themselves to be pigeon holed into an area of their lives, where they are afraid to escape from it. Your die hard fan’s will always read whatever you write, and the majority of your other fans will wait till, you release something more to their liking till they buy from you again.

Whatever the case, life is all about choices.

Now at the moment I am really loving the superhero genre, being a fan of marvel and anime since I could remember, I am a bit surprised and disappointed that my first series wasn’t in that genre. They always say your first book just comes to you, and with my Fallen Angels series it just kind of did. I have always been fascinated with angels, and I think my next post will be where I got the story idea for it and how it formed in my brain.

Thinking about it now, I may have struggled if I decided to write in the superhero genre first. With the explosion of Marvel movies coming out, the genre has become one of the hardest to break into. At the time of writing this, I am on my fifth rough draft of a novel and I am getting better with every word I put  on screen or paper. So when the time comes to dive into the superhero series I have planned, I can do it justice.

I have an idea that has been cooking, and ohhhh boy, I can’t wait to get it out to the masses.

If you are a writer reading this, the only way you can become a better writer is by stretching your writing legs. You should strive to improve on your craft, you should strive to surprise and please your readers with each and every piece of work you put out. I think that’s where writers block can come in sometimes, if you have written twenty books in a series you are quite comfortable in that world. Your not challenging yourself, and without challenge you can never grow. That’s why in my personal opinion, you should always go outside your comfort zone.

Thats with everything in life.

Pick up a book you wouldn’t normally.

Write a story long or short that you wouldn’t dream of doing.

Dance naked in the rain.


Just try to challenge yourself, that’s where growth happens.

Anyway getting back to my point, I think there was one somewhere in this post.

If you are a fan of the numerous marvel or dc movies that have been coming out in recent years, I adore you to check them out. It may not be your thing when you first start reading them but, like any good story once it captures your attention it will be impossible to put down.  Check out the list of books at the end of this post,  and drop a comment back here to tell me if you enjoyed it or not. Or leave a comment with any recommendations  that you may think that I like, am always on the search for new material to absorb and make me greater.

Series that I have enjoyed so far.

Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs

The Meta Superhero Novel Series

Until next time friends.

Love and Peace


Dreams becoming a reality




Writing for me as always been a dream.

When asked by my teachers what I wanted to do when I left school, I looked at them with a straight face and said author. The empty stare back, and the silence which followed, always makes me smile now, but it didn’t always use to be that way.

I was unsure, if this path was the right one for me. I mean, being a author, actor, musician was something that either happened in the movies or to other people. It didn’t happen to people like me right?

That was my thought process, going into this, when I was younger. Growing up a lot of us lack the confidence, discipline and wisdom to stick to a chosen path, even though it may start off bumpy to begin with. I feel for a lot of young men and women out their, that are clueless on their chosen path, or to scared to see it through and allow outside forces to guide them down a path which doesn’t resonate with their soul.

When you are young, the world looks so big and is filled of endless opportunities, with everyone from your teachers, friends, and parents telling you which path that they think is best for them. Although that may be the right path for the individual involved.

I remember having a conversation, with a work colleague years ago about his daughter, and how he wanted her to become a dentist. And when I asked what she wanted to do, or if he had spoken to her about her desires, and wants for the future, the blank stare he gave me back was comical.

I could see the hardware overheating and saying do not compute.

I have always said, that it is the people that are closest to you that will either kill you, or lead you down the wrong path. It’s because they love you, and they will allow the fear from their own lives to lead you a stray.

Wish them all the best my friends, but do not listen.

There is only one thing that you need to remember, when deciding on your chosen path. All it takes to get there is hard work and effort.

Hard work and effort.

For me to get where I want to be in my profession, I always need to be writing. Even if it’s my birthday, christmas, new years eve. I always need to be writing. So I can hone my craft and become better than I was yesterday.

Without that, then there is no dream.

You can wish it as much as you want, and read all the books like The Secret.

But unless you do the damn work, shit ain’t going to work out for you. And that is where a lot of people, get stuck. They can dream the big dreams, houses, cars, and the like, but putting the effort in getting it is something completely different. So whenever I don’t feel like writing or I slack off, I think about where I once was, to where I am not, to where I will be.

If I could lie and say, I keep on writing for my readers, and that would be partly true. But I keep doing this for me. Otherwise, I would go insane. I would go insane knowing that my best is being kept back from the world by no one else but me. I would go insane knowing, that the only reason I wasn’t showing up, was because I was to lazy to.

Like the saying goes, you do not want to die and the last glimpse you see, is the person you became, meeting the person you could have become.

Fight for it.

Will it.

Want it.

I know saying it is easier than doing it.

Trust me I know.

I fall off the wagon every, single, damn, day. Pushing myself, forcing myself, to become better. It’s not easy, and I fail a hundred times, more than I succeed. But what other choice do I have?

To die without even trying to live my dreams?

Fuck that.